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Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs

How Can Ayers Autism Health Help?

After assessing your child, our ABA treatment team will complete an inventory of your child’s strengths and deficits. This inventory is then narrowed down into specific skill sets to begin teaching. This process is child-specific, as it will depend on your child’s age, level of functioning, and your child’s ability to participate in a learning setting. The number of skills the treatment team selects to teach will vary depending on your child’s ability to attend to pre-academic/ academic activities and the number of approved therapy hours for their plan.

Our team will also focus on reducing problematic behaviors. Behavior reduction is about decreasing or extinguishing behaviors that interfere with the child’s learning or everyday functioning. Our treatment team can develop treatment plans to help your child reduce incidents of problematic behavior.

Programs we Offer

In-Home 1:1 Learner Programs

Ayers Autism Health provides programs in the therapy center and in the home, in which beginner skills are taught to each child to improve opportunities for continued learning. Each child has 1:1 session with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), who is clinically supervised by the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Programs typically focus on functional communication skills, social skills, appropriate play skills, pre-attending skills, imitation skills, listener responding skills, and self-care skills.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) And Treatment

This is designed for children who may display problem behaviors that are interfering with the ability to learn and perform in the school setting. An analysis of the behavioral concern can be completed via parent, and educator interviews, and direct observation. Once the analysis is conducted, a behavior support plan will be developed in which parents, educators and caregivers receive training by the BCBA. Requirements for this program are assessment of behavior, program development and implementation, and ongoing consultation by a BCBA until the problem behavior has reduced to an appropriate level, as desired by the treatment team.

Parent Training

All ABA services include a component of parent training. For any ABA Therapy to have lasting effects, parents must assist the child with bringing the skills he or she learns in the home to natural environments such as the school or park. Parents of children receiving services will participate in parent training related to their child’s individualized learning and behavioral programs. Participation by parents and significant family members is not only encouraged but is required at a minimum of 2 per month for any program to be successful.

Social Skills Program

Each child receives a social skills assessment to identify individual targets to work on throughout the ABA Therapy program.

Parent Training And Educator Workshops

Workshops are periodically held by Ayers Autism Healh staff to provide education about relevant topics for parents of children living with a diagnosis of autism or a developmental disability. Each workshop covers a different topic, such as dealing with a new diagnosis, learning the basics of ABA, or the basics of toilet training your child. Please refer to our website for more information about upcoming parent training workshops.