Assessment And Diagnostics

We offer varied Autism services, including comprehensive diagnostic elevation and individualized interventions.

The importance of early identification and treatment of individuals with Autism has been well established. Screening, evaluating, and diagnosing children with Autism as early as possible is important to ensure that children have access to the needed services and supports. However, due to the complex neurobiological nature of Autism, a thorough evaluation is critical to deriving an accurate diagnosis.

At Kinghaven Counseling Group, we offer comprehensive evaluations that assess children’s cognitive, social/emotional, communication, behavioral and adaptive strengths and weaknesses to provide accurate diagnoses. Our evaluations include obtaining a developmental history, direct observation, direct child interaction, parent interviews, teacher/pertinent staff members interviews, completion of developmental questionnaires, and a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s functioning in social interaction, communication, emotional, cognitive, sensory, and adaptive behavior areas.

The evaluation results are summarized in a formal report, including specific and meaningful recommendations, and a follow-up parent session is provided to review findings.

Individualized Intervention Services

we offer varied therapies and programs to help your child thrive

After the strengths and weaknesses are identified, and the diagnosis is confirmed, comprehensive treatments decisions are made, including identifying appropriate interventions (e.g., ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.) and helping to determine appropriate program eligibility (e.g., special education services, early intervention programs, etc.).

At Kinghaven Counseling Group, we offer varied therapies and programs to help your child thrive across the school, home, and community settings.