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A Safe Environment For Autism Treatment in Texas (Houston & Dallas).

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Strategic Programs

Our facility creates a distinct behavioral health environment for each individuals through specialized programs

Expert Clinicians

Our team consists of a group of personable, warm, and compassionate specialists whom all share a similar passion for people.

Welcome to Ayers Autism Health

 Ayers Autism Health specializes in treating and providing support for children with autism spectrum disorder and other Developmental Delays. We adopt Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach verbal behaviour, social skills, independent living skills and problem behaviour reduction. 

Our Approach

Autism Spectrum Assessment

We provide comprehensive approach to the assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders based on individual and/or family's specific needs.

Applied Behavior Analysis

We now offers ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy programs for children with autism who have received a diagnostic evaluation by a professional. We serve children ages 2 to 11 years.

Why Choose Us

Ayers Autism Health creates the perfect environment for transformation and hope. With a passion for helping individuals and their families reach their highest potential through professional, superior, and personalized mental health care, in in an environment filled with optimum dignity and respect.

At Ayers Autism Health, we understand that therapeutic journeys present themselves differently in every individual, and this means that whatever support you may need, we will guide you through the process. Our services are offered on-site and at home.

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